Applied Neurocognitive Solutions Group

Mission—To contribute towards the understanding and resolution of forensic-based problems.

Approach—Our team uses quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-scientific methodological approaches to test hypotheses relevant to the evaluation of various modern forensic tools, as well as their applications. 

In the USA and other like-minded countries, ground-breaking and unique threat physiology detection-based technologies are growing to be critical components in the unveiling and solving of various high-stakes legal, moral, and human-rights violations.  As they continue to evolve, complement, or merge with one another, these revolutionary tools are fated to break the current, ineffectual status quo barriers and separate the past from the future in the necessary discernment of truth and protection of public welfare.

From consultation on appropriate scientific methods utilities, to analyses and presentations of data, we are there for you.  As per our guiding philosophy, we do not retreat from challenges.  If we can’t solve your problem ourselves, we will steer you toward to the appropriate resources, in fair and just fashion. 

We implement the highest ethical standards to all of our efforts, to ensure security and safety in the information you provide.  We focus on pro-bono endeavors, according to our passions and what we believe the world needs, to become safer and more balanced.  If you have a project relevant to a novel forensics tool, theory, or objective data-set you feel is important, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s work together in making our country and world a safer place for generations to come.

Partnerships– Neospartan Associates is not affiliated with any institutions or organizations. Our edge in being fair and non-biased stems from the fact that we conduct consultations and analyses (1) on a volunteer basis and (2) independently.


We are based in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Contact info:

Marigo Stathis,